The Frida Kahlo Foundation for Culture and the Arts is a not for profit organization under the Texas Secretary of State.

The Foundation's purpose is to educate the public about the art, work and legacy of Frida Kahlo and other artists,
and engaging in programs to support the promotion and diffusion of artistic and cultural values.

About Us

Alejandro Tamayo

President of The Frida Kahlo Foundation for Culture and the Arts.

Alejandro Tamayo is a recognized businessman and enthusiastic promoter of art, gastronomic  and culture. He is president and CEO of The Frida Kahlo Foundation for Culture and the Arts, Frida Kahlo Official Restaurants, Republic Nail LATAM / USA, Altgroup, Frida Kahlo Museum Riviera Maya. Alejandro has managed to bring the company Republic Nail with over 4,000 products to be one of the most important Beauty companies on the continent. Currently the company manufactures the official beauty products Frida Kahlo as well as other brands such as Nicole Miller, Victoria Soho, Kim Taylor, Lacquer Evolution and many more. This company obtained the distinctive ESR for his philanthropic work and community support. Currently the Republic Nail products are at Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Sears, Liverpool, Marshalls, etc. and 1,800 distributors.

The Museum Frida Kahlo Riviera Maya chaired by Alejandro is a company authorized by the Frida Kahlo Corporation, who authorizes the rights of image and name Frida Kahlo in the world. Officials restaurants Frida Kahlo is one of the most important gastronomic Mexico projects with international reach.

Alejandro has repeatedly been invited and interviewed by media such as Forbes, CNN, Televisa, TV Azteca, Formula, Acir, Reforma, Expansion, Mundo ejecutivo, etc.

Alejandro is Bachelor of international bussinnes from the UNLA, also graduated from different programs and courses in Digital marketing, Trademark law, Traditional marketing, Senior management, Artistic design, Financial, Art and business, Neuromarketing, Business strategy, Fashion merchandising, etc. in different institutions and universities.

Germán Trejo

Germán Trejo is a recognized Political Strategist, Entrepreneur and a passionate Democracy Activist, with a proven track record in the United States and Latin America.

Germán has served as a National Board Member of the oldest and largest Latino Civic Engagement group in the U.S.: the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), where he chaired the Commission on Immigrant Affairs. He was also Secretary Treasurer for the American Federation of Musicians Local 50 - AFL -CIO. ​ He is currently an Executive Board Member for DemocracyWin.organd a National Committee Member at the Latino Victory Project Germán has an active media profile, where he has appeared in numerous national and international interviews and articles. These include the Associated Press, Univision's Al Punto with Jorge Ramos, CNN en Español, Telemundo, TV Azteca, Azteca America, Televisa, NBC Latino, CNN Radio, Yahoo News, Reporte Indigo, etc.

Many institutions have recognized Germán for his leadership, including the Senate of Ohio and the House of Representatives of Arizona, Louisiana, and Texas.Germán has Bachelor Degree in Political Science and International Relations, both from The Ohio State University, where he was honored as the first Hispanic student to receive the prestigious Do Something Great recognition for his leadership. Germán is also a graduate of the Stanford University's Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program from Stanford's Graduate School of Business and Engineering School.


Artístic and Cultural Area

The Frida Kahlo Foundation for Culture and the Arts, integrates different organisms and individuals who have as principal labor to reach to the cultural development of his environment, by means of activities of promotion, diffusion and spreading of the artistic occupation, always under the guide, spirit and Frida Kahlo's charisma.

The art and the culture are the governing axes of the labor that we realize daily. These we direct our efforts, without forgetting that to accede to them on the part of all the citizens without importing his condition of race, ideology or nationality, it is fundamental to expire with the intention for which we were created.

To speak about an artistic and cultural work implies integrating to diverse sectors, which as a whole generate an indispensable synergy to realize activities of the first level. Because of it The Frida Kahlo Foundation for Culture and the Arts, calls and generates positive actions in different areas of human development, creating experiences that provoke a more constant, sensitive and interactive participation..


The Frida Kahlo Foundation for the Culture and the Arts supports firmly the new creators, the spaces that spread the cultural and artistic labor, as well as programs of social integration and I develop by means of the culture, across the scholarship "The Frida Kahlo Foundation for the Culture and the Arts", which support with:

  • Economic resources.
  • Technical resources
  • Institutional advising.
  • Exhibitions.

Every year we grant supports, incentives and coordinated accompaniment , to organisms that agree with the idea of creating art, based on fundamental beginning that guided the Life and Frida Kahlo's Work. These supports are a result of the integration of different organizations, which as a whole with The Frida Kahlo Foundation for the Culture and the Arts, evaluates, value and decide to To the winners who will carry out strategies, campaigns or artistic and cultural interventions of great social impact.

For major information please contact to:

Institutional Relations

The Frida Kahlo Foundation for the Culture and the Arts, is opened for the permanent collaboration with all those organisms that share the preservation, diffusion and spreading of the culture and the arts. For what the joint work is a fundamental part of our daily activities.

Foundations, associations, governments of all the levels, legislators, companies, organizations without ends of profit and of the civil society, schools of art, universities, centers of study, cultural groups and many sectors more, are a part of the universe of collaboration with which we interact constant.

For major information, please contact to:

Academic Workshops

The academic formative entail is fundamental for The Frida Kahlo Foundation for Culture and the Arts, since the work as a whole is fundamental for the artistic appraisal and concientización social.

The Frida Kahlo Foundation for Culture and the Arts realizes daily programs of appraisal, spreading, artistic and cultural diffusion, as well as workshops with diverse pedagogic scopes, in alliance with educational institutions of the whole world.

These programs have in addition as priority, the incorporation of vulnerable sectors in the daily activities.

For major information about how to support, to rest or to take part in these programs, please contact to:

Strategic Alliances and Sponsoring

Our sponsors and strategic generated alliances are a fundamental part in The Frida's functioning Kahlo Foundation for Culture and the Arts. Without them it would be very complicated to reach all the goals that we have achieved. And it is exactly thanks to them that today we are before the eyes of the world, provoking that the art and the culture continues being the language of excellent understanding between the human beings, without importing race, ideology or social condition.

The Frida Kahlo Foundation for Culture and the Arts is grateful sincerely for our sponsors and strategic allies.

For major information about how to be sponsor or strategic ally of The Frida Kahlo Foundation for Culture and the Arts, please contact to:



The best way of transmitting the culture and the art it is living, taking part of the experiences, provoking a natural spreading that integrates without any distinction those who have decided to share his way of seeing, feeling, smelling, listening and touching the life. The Frida Kahlo Foundation for the Culture and the Arts seeks to preserve, to spread and to spread the legacy of artistically of Frida Kahlo, for which realizes permanent events in cities of the whole world, treating beside be inserting inside the different cultural manifestations in the planet.

The Frida Kahlo Foundation for the Culture and the Arts has established important alliances with private collectors, private institutions and governments, which allow us to offer several collections.

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Dinners of Donations

To propose a common space that Kahlo Foundation benefits directly the plans and The Frida's projects for Culture and the Arts, it is a daily challenge that we confront with creativity and constant innovation.

The dinners of show provide besides the contributions of our benefactors, a window to show the work that is realized in our different programs, the incorporation of new allies, as well as the possibility of spreading socially our fundamental labor: to preserve, the Work and Vida de Frida Kahlo spread and to spread.

For major information about how to support, to rest or to take part in these programs, please contact to:


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